One’s stumbling block is our springboard.

Lumen Strategy was founded to help the government serve their citizens, and to help citizens interact with their government.

Founded with a passion for helping people, organizations, and the government realize their goals, we have the knowledge and experience that can be leveraged to help move you forward.  We specialize and take pride in effectively navigating bureaucracy.

Throughout more than sixteen years working in local government, I’ve found that the gap between developing a project and working with the community and governing body can be challenging to close.  

Lumen Strategy works with the best companies to provide our clients with the necessary expertise to make your projects a reality and help you to realize your goals.  Together, we continue to refine our individual crafts so that when you hire us to be your expert, you can be assured that we represent the best in our field.  Our partners include municipal consultants, legislators, architects, engineers, real estate professionals, and builders.

Make use of mastery.

From drafting ordinances and developing policy to guiding your development or project through the red tape, Lumen Strategy has the expertise to help you realize your goals.

For governments, we have experience writing planning documents, Zoning Codes, amending the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, developing and implementing property maintenance codes, and creating intergovernmental (shared services) agreements.  

For the public, we have designed residential and commercial projects, guided clients through the processes for approval, and helped buyers and sellers understand the potential of real estate.  Our knowledge and skills provide a unique ability to navigate the regulatory process to allow you to begin your project as soon as possible.

Whether you need to interact with your government, or if you are a governing body who wants to better serve your residents, we are purposefully and uniquely suited to provide you the results you are seeking.

Moving you forward.

By this, we understand that moving forward is not just pushing to reach the predetermined goal.  Circumstances arise that can alter the goal or desired outcome and understanding the purpose of a project is instrumental to adjusting, adapting, and charting the right path forward.

The first thing we do is meet with our clients and talk through their goals and future project. During this meeting, feel free to communicate your ideas and ask lots of questions.  This stage is highly decisive as you help us to understand your guiding principles and the purpose of your project, so we can align a strategy to serve you.  In the first meeting we are able to assess the goal, opportunities, threats, and what needs to be done.

Depending on the scope of the project, the data collection and assessment may take place over the course of days, weeks, or months, to ensure stakeholder engagement.

Next, we take all of the information provided during our initial meeting and subsequent data collection to begin planning a path forward.  In this phase, additional questions may arise to ensure that our visions are aligned, throughout planning, we maintain open lines of communication.  The plan, although not indelible, should be a trusted guide to the end goal.  

After the plan is created, we review the documents with you, and provide options for implementation.  From here, we can provide support for the execution of the plan, which varies on each project.  For some, we provide support as you and your team implement the plan, in other cases, we oversee and manage implementation.  

In any scenario, we are a partner in your achievement.  We evaluate the successes of each project and work to optimize outcomes.